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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TON STEINE SCHERBEN - Keine Macht für Niemand

This is the most famous album by the German anarchist band Ton Steine Scherben. The album was released in 1972, making it their second studio album. "They are considered to be among the most notorious German kraut polit-rock next to bands such as Floh de Cologne (...) During the 70's the band were known for their social and political critics but also for their amazingly challenging live performances. During this active period of their career they published three albums. Among those studio recording sessions we can notice the convincing Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten (1975) which is musically speaking a collection of garagey rockin' songs for psych-fuzzed out guitar riffages, harsh vocals and cabaret improvs. After a long time break, the band recently re-formed for live performances under the name Ton Steine Scherben Family."



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