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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live Animal Collective

Just because Animal Collective are on a hiatus doesn't mean I cant find new[ish] music by them. This morning I found two of their live recordings while surfing through some other blogs.

I realize that a lot of people out their are haters of Animal Collective, but in my experience they have always put out albums that are consistently good money. So for those of you who like them-- Animal Collective!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

it's a demo.

well here it is, for the christians for the darwins--the answer to existence, bitch

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marvin Gaye

Here my dear, emotionally we have the cure have no fear, shed no tear, marvin gay's got the sheer goodness. A T-bone steak, cheese, eggs, and welches grape-- conversate for a few, because in a few we gon do what we came to do, ain't that right boo? True....

-Taytay tay


This shit is as a good listen. give these tunes an ear.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Miles Davis

Just rediscovered this in my library earlier today, and since then I've been listening to it, which is just about two hours. It is some really nice relaxing jazz, with slow piano, and smooth guitars that flow in and out. I think it a great listen.

Amon Düül II, Phallus Dei

This is one sick album. Another one of my favorites by Amon Düül II. You should all definitely listen to it. By the second track they start to get really weird, as in really awesome. Every time I listen to Krautrock like this I just wish I was fluent in German.

Agerstown Riots

Holy fuck, you've never heard anything like this. Los Angeles legend Ross Chait's debut EP blew music critics away world wide. These tracks hit the globe HARD and what followed was a life long career of platinum selling records, frequency on the the Billboard charts and super duper stardom. Just kidding, this shit is kinda fucking whack. Check it out, more recordings with more legit sound quality are soon to come. P.S.: This EP was my winter term project freshman year at Oberlin College. Visit Agerstown Riots on facebook or is you like what you hear.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


They are an experimental noise pop duo from New Orleans. The singing reminds me a lot Animal Collective. In my opinion it is better than your typical noise bands. You should all give it a listen, and also buy their vinyl.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Live at End Cole Ave 1969

I just downloaded this the other day. It is one of the best live recordings of the Velvet Underground that I have ever heard. I hope ya'll feel the same way. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Groovy Kraut

Amon Düül II is one amazing Krautrock band. If you are into Krautrock you should definitely give these tunes a listen. These aren't their more mainstream recordings, but they are really good. If you are interested in grabbing some more of their tunes just contact me.

Also, I've realized a small music trend towards Krautrock recently, but this is just a coincidence. This blog is for all forms of music, except the good kind.

Electric Sandwich

If you guys liked those other Krautrock posts i think you will really like this. This band is nowhere near as well known as Neu! or Can, but they are still pretty damn good. Take a big bite out of this sandwich.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Do you guys know Growing? They are pretty good. I've enjoyed most of their albums, which tend to be very relaxing, with a consistently moderate flow of energy throughout the album. When playing live their looping guitars are supposed to be ear meltingly loud, but the two times I saw them open for other bands they weren't so loud... maybe they only go all out when headlining.

Other than their first album the band has been comprised of members Kevin Doria (electric bass guitar) and Joe Denardo (electric guitar)... that is until 2009 when Sadie Laska (microphone, sampler) joined the group. I believe this is the first recording with Sadie. And because of the new member this album should have a nice new sound.

Camberwell Now

This heat broke up in 1982, but Charles Hayward's music career was far from over. Along with Trefor Gornory, who played with This Heat for during their final European tour in 1982, Charles Hayward started the band Camberwell Now. Unfortunately this band only released one album and two EP's. If only they had released more. Fortunately most of their music was rereleased on their compilation album All's Well, making it all easily accessible. If you liked This Heat you should definitely love Camberwell Now.

This Heat

This Heat (1979)

Deceit (1981)

This Heat was an experimental music group from Camberwell, England formed in 1976. The band consisted of Charles Bullen (guitar/vocals), Charles Hayward (drums/vocals), and Garreth WIlliams (guitar/bass/vocals). In 1978 the band released their debut, self titled album This Heat. In 1981 they released their second album, Deceit. Both of these albums are incredible.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


No one will ever understand Nephews fully until they're jumping off of Luke Silas's bass drum, drenched in blood and sweat into an angry pile of drunk backyard-dwelling teenagers at the big drop in of "His Pussy". This somewhat hardcore, somewhat post-rock trio of Los Angeles natives (and my good friends from high school) created (yes "d") music rowdy enough to make you want to beat up your mom. The band split off in 2009 as Luke moved to New York to play with 8-bit legends Anamanaguchi and Will got his solo side-projects [Post-Foetus] and Baths out of the bedroom and into the world of record labels and Pitchfork. But while it lasted, Nephews was a fucking blast that showed good times to all who were lucky enough to witness. This EP comes from a short-lived LA art magazine called Sprawl. The cd these songs come from also includes other songs from an eclectic group of LA artists that I will put up at a later date. But for now, fucking NEPHEWS!

Sleep and Wake Up Songs

I decided to dedicate my first post on Power Fiesta to an EP I've been listening to all the time lately. I wouldn't go this far, but would certainly see how people cou call this Okkervil River at it's best. Certainly out of this world good compared to the current state of Will Sheff's lovechild gone horribly wrong. Sleep and Wake Up Songs is a mellow, reflective piece of art that really epitomizes great emotional indie rock for me. Sad to see O.R. turn into the current pop-rock shit show that it is now. Sheff pretends to be proud of, but I wouldn't say I've lost all hope in Okkervil River becoming great again. More drugs and putting an end to Sheff's terrible habit of adding some of the most square instrumentalists in the indie rock scene to the group could result in a return to something similar to their Black Sheep Boy heyday.

New Faust

Finally a new Faust album. Give it a good listen. If you liked the other Faust I posted you may like this too. I realize that there are doubles of most of the songs, frankly I'm too lazy to re-up it.


Here are two great albums by one great band, Slint. I'd say that they are one of my favorite bands. Before Slint organized, several of the band members played in the band Squirrel Bait, which is also a pretty decent group. You should seriously give them a listen. Spiderland is really really good, but you have to also listen to Tweez.

Cordially, Cortex

Put this in your pipe and smoke it........

Tropeau Bleu, 4 u

nasty nasty nasty nasty

nas nas-------
this would be the pre-matic mixtape, composed by the mr sir king lord DJ Premier.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you guys like a little jazz?

Here is disk 1 of Dave Brubeck's Time Out Time Further Out Time in. It's a great little album, I find it to be the best music to listen to while driving in the snow. Though winter is a few months away it will still be a great listen.


Here is some more Krautrock by the band Faust. They are very different from Can, but good nonetheless. Enjoy!
From this point forward there will be a second author on this blog, hopefully making the music uploads more colorful.

Do you know Can?

Krautrock is probably my favorite genre of music. And yes I know krautrock is not really a genre, but I know you know what I mean. Cannibalism is a compilation of Can's wonderful music.

Spacemen 3- Singles (from my box)

Here are some singles by Spacemen 3, sorry I'm not uploading an entire album... The box only provides so much. I really enjoy their music, hope you do too. I may upload more when I begin taking files from my personal library.

Shuggie Otis

Here is an album of Shuggie Otis jamming out on guitar to the blues. This is also amazing.

Inspiration Information, 1974, is one brilliant album. Songs such as "Inspiration Information" and "Strawberry Letter 23" are breathtaking. The second half of it was released three years earlier, 1971, on the album Freedom Flight. It includes the track "Strawberry Letter 23." At the time of its recording Shuggie was only 18.


Sure, we have all heard it countless times before. Doesn't change the fact that it is an incredible album. This certainly is not my favorite My Bloody Valentine album, but it's amazing none the less. I may upload more music by this shitty band in the future.

Big Box of Music: Is There a Better Way to Start a Music Blog?

By chance a massive box (hard-drive) of music fell into my hands. Never before have I seen so much music together. Something as rare as this certainly should be shared with the world.