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Monday, June 7, 2010


I woke up this morning way too early with a hangover, and since I'm not working today I decided I should just upload a lot of music.

Here is the new Ty Segall, I've been meaning to upload it for a long time, but I kept putting it off. I like it much more than their first album, which I never really got into. It's a lot more bizarre, but it maintains their trashy lo-fi sound. Some of the tracks remind me of Kurt Cobain's grungy guitar lines, but once Ty Segall's lo-fi vocals would come in the similarity would be completely lost. It is a fun album, though it took me a while to get into it, because I don't really like lo-fi too much.



Anonymous said...

the use of the term lo-fi here seems somewhat inappropriate. compared to his self titled record, melted sounds incredibly clean.

Harrold said...

I wasn't labeling them as a lo-fi band, rather describing their production as lo-fi, or low quality. Backed by all that distortion their sound is very crackly and shitty sounding, not as bad as their first album, but definitely consistent.

Anonymous said...

there isnt one song that sounds 'shitty' on melted. to insinuate that the quality is poor, is to insinuate that the band is like times new viking, hacks on purpose. i simply disagree. there was an exceptional charm to horn the unicorn and the self titled lp, partially due to the rawness of sound. however, even then, i never once thought the quality was poor. go home might sound messy & harsh, but, completely perfect, not shitty.

Harrold said...

I realize what I said may have come across as offensive, but that was not my intention. I was just trying to describe their sound.