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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


No one will ever understand Nephews fully until they're jumping off of Luke Silas's bass drum, drenched in blood and sweat into an angry pile of drunk backyard-dwelling teenagers at the big drop in of "His Pussy". This somewhat hardcore, somewhat post-rock trio of Los Angeles natives (and my good friends from high school) created (yes "d") music rowdy enough to make you want to beat up your mom. The band split off in 2009 as Luke moved to New York to play with 8-bit legends Anamanaguchi and Will got his solo side-projects [Post-Foetus] and Baths out of the bedroom and into the world of record labels and Pitchfork. But while it lasted, Nephews was a fucking blast that showed good times to all who were lucky enough to witness. This EP comes from a short-lived LA art magazine called Sprawl. The cd these songs come from also includes other songs from an eclectic group of LA artists that I will put up at a later date. But for now, fucking NEPHEWS!

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